SA Endurance Series

Redstar Raceway : 9 March 2024

This past weekend, armed with my trusty Canon gear which I'm convinced is half camera, half survival kit, I ventured into the fiery pits of Redstar Raceway. It was the SA Endurance Series, a day when cars roar louder than my mother-in-law at a holiday dinner, and the heat competes with the sun for a spotlight.

In this edition of the Fuelled Photobook, you're about to embark on a visual odyssey from Pitlane to Trackside, without the need for sunscreen or earplugs. For those who raced, there's a high chance you'll find your moment of fame, captured in glorious high definition, as long as you were moving slower than my shutter speed.

I shot cars, which is legal in this context, people, who surprisingly don't all look like they're melting, things, because sometimes even the inanimate deserve their five minutes of fame, and moments, those split seconds that make life, well, lifelike. Share these captured slices of life with friends, family, or that neighbor who's still trying to figure out your job.

This photobook is best viewed on a computer, because let's face it, some experiences just can't be crammed onto a phone screen. And if you're coming from Facebook, you'll find that turning pages sideways is as futile as trying to explain social media to your grandparents. So, do yourself a favor and follow the direct link here It's like clicking the easy button for your viewing pleasure.

Remember, this photobook is more than just pixels on a screen. It's a testament to endurance, speed, and the unyielding human spirit. And a reminder that, yes, it was hot. Not just any hot, but the kind of hot that makes you wonder if the planet's thermostat is broken. So, sit back, click through, and relive the day when cars danced, drivers sweated, and my camera and I survived to tell the tale.

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